The Kosher Check Difference


Kosher Check is a full-service certification agency with a difference. All Kosher agencies world-wide aim to certify that the ingredients and manufacturing processes of their clients follow the Jewish laws of Kosher as set out in the Torah (the Jewish Bible). Kosher Check goes further.  Kosher Check, formerly BC Kosher,  has long been the only agency in the world that requires their clients to be in good standing with all applicable food safety rules as a condition of kosher certification.

Kosher Check certification has been introduced for those manufacturers that want to promote not only their kosher compliance, but their commitment to food safety as well.  Certification of your products and manufacturing processes by Kosher Check is mark that not only guarantees your ingredients and products kosher status. It also acts as a mark of assurance that food safety laws have been strictly followed to a minimum level of HACCP compliance. If your operations do not currently meet this standard, Kosher Check will work with you on achieving this.

This double-layered guarantee formalizes and reinforces the widely-held belief among consumers that Kosher products are also safer to consume. The Kosher Check mark will not only open the market for your products to Muslims, 7th Day Adventists, Vegetarians, and the rapidly expanding gluten-free market. It will also attract the throngs of shoppers concerned about food safety issues. For a reasonable annual fee, you will greatly expand the market for your products.