PT. Berkat Petani Indonesia (GULAPA) is a manufacturer of High Quality Coconut Sugar based in Banyumas, Indonesia. The company name comes from their mission to be a blessing and increase the life standard of local farmers in Central Java by partnering up with them and giving back to society.

Coconut sugar is produced by collecting the sap from the flower bud of the coconut palm tree. Coconut sugar is not only a healthier alternative to regular white sugar, it is also a more sustainable option, as coconut palms are a renewable resource that requires minimal inputs and can be grown in diverse agroforestry systems.

GULAPA’s role is to support and maximize the local community by working together with Non-Governmental Organization as they strive to improve the prosperity of the local community.

Their coconut sugar product has been produced and prepared in accordance with international certification standards such as EU Organic, USDA-NOP Organic, HACCP, and ISO 22000. They are excited to include Kosher Check into their list of certifications as a way to ensure their products are produced in accordance with Jewish dietary laws, providing their Jewish customers with the peace of mind they deserve when selecting the product.

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